How to walk to Mylopotas Beach

Many people who visit Ios takes the bus from the village to Mylopotas beach, but you can just as well walk. It is only 1.5 km (1 Mile) between the main bus station of the village Chora and Mylopotas and it is all downhill from there.

Visit Ios in the Spring

It is still only March as I write this but the island is already starting to come alive. Reports have come in that some restaurants are already opening for the season. The bars and clubs of Ios will also soon start to open up one after the other. The weather forcast for Ios in the coming weeks promise lots of rain and the island, which we know as brown and dry during the summer months, is now green with lots of beautiful flowers growing everywhere.

Diving on the Main Square

Ios Main Square

The early morning of June 23 2006 featured a power outage on Ios. This is quite common among the Greek islands. People took to the streets as the music died in the clubs. Some people thought this was a perfect moment for some stage diving into the crowd.

Ios Grecia

Ios Grecia, as the island is called by its Italian visitors, is very popular among these tourists. Italians come here during late July and beginning of August to party and have fun! This is also the right time to visit the isola, island in italian, if you want to take part in the biggest partys on Ios.

Ios Grekland

This post is for our Swedish visitors

Denna post är för er svenska besökare. Denna sida handlar om den ön Ios i Grekland. På Ios är det fest dygnet runt, i alla fall under sommarmånaderna. Gillar du inte party så går det bra att besöka Ios under resten av året. Då är det mycket lugnare och Ios visar upp sig som en vacker och stilla ö i Grekland.