Ios Party Island in Greece

Main Square on Ios Greece

Ios Greece is the best party island in the world if you ask me. I have not visited all islands in the world but I have visited the most renowned party islands in the Mediterranean sea, like Ibiza, Kos, Crete, Paros, Naxos, Santorini, Rhodes. The party island of Ios is the best island in Greece if you ask me. I even prefer Ios over Ibiza which many people consider to be the best party island in the world. Most of those people has probably not been to Ios. I have been to both of these islands and I love Ios the most. Read more bellow about the bars and nightclubs on Ios Greece. I share my views on which are the best clubs and bars on Ios so that you will have the best party holiday possible when you visit this Island in Greece.

The Main Square Nightlife

Party at Slammer Bar on Ios in Greece

The Main Square of the village Chora is the center of the nightlife in Ios. Sit down and have a cocktail or mingle with the crowd. The square is not very big but it can still take some time to cross since it is always crowded with people during the summer months.  The square is surrounded by some of the best bars of Ios such as Slammers, Traffic Bar, Ios Blue, Jar Bar, Jonis Electric Rock Bar to mention a few. You also find the always popular Flames bar down the steps from the main square.  My favorites among the bars around main square include Slammers, Traffic Bar and Ios Blue. I recommend that you try them out if you find yourself on Ios and are interested in the nightlife. You may leave the Main Square in any direction and find many more bars and clubs.

Where to go from the Main Square

Dancing at Disco 69 on Ios in Greece

You will find Coo Bar, Flames, Vesuvios Bar and Tiki Bar down the stairs from the main square.

Leaving the Main Square on the street exiting at Traffic Bar will take you to Pash Nightclub, Disco 69, Baru Bar, Circus, Escobar, Shush Bar and Delta Ball Pit Bar among others.

Back to the Main Square and directions to leave. You will come to the Scandinavian Blue Note bar if you go down the street next to Jar Bull bar and you will pass by Soho Bar and Le Papillion 08 on the way.

Where to start the night

Scandinavian crowd at Blue Note in Ios Greece

Some great bars to start an early evening at are Astra Bar, Lost Boys Bar and Click Coctail Bar.

Late night Clubs

Never to old to party at Sweet Irish Dream on Ios Greece

You find the bigger clubs on this main street. Sweet Irish Dream is the most popular one. It is open for most of the summer. The biggest club on Ios is Scorpion Club and it is located on the other end of the small village. Scorpions is only open at the peak of the season. These larger clubs start to come to life when the smaller clubs and bars in the village start to empty in the early morning.

Beach Party

Enjoy life at Rehab Bar on Ios Greece

The bars and clubs mentioned above are only a few of all the bars and nightclubs on Ios. You will find many more on your visit to Ios and probably find your own favorite among all the bars and clubs. Maybe you will party at Fun Pub or dance the afternoon away at Far Out Beach Club on Mylopatas beach. Because the party on Ios is not only happening at night. You can start dancing in the afternoon and early evening at the beach. The Far Out Club is a popular place to dance and have fun right at the beach. The view is magnificent with the blue water in the background. So Ios Greece is the best party island in the world regardless of what time of day you like to party.

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