Visit Ios in the Spring

It is still only March as I write this but the island is already starting to come alive. Reports have come in that some restaurants are already opening for the season. The bars and clubs of Ios will also soon start to open up one after the other. The weather forcast for Ios in the coming weeks promise lots of rain and the island, which we know as brown and dry during the summer months, is now green with lots of beautiful flowers growing everywhere.

Enjoy a greener version of Ios

The island is a very different in the spring compared to the summer months and not necessarily in a bad way. Ios is beautiful in the summer but to see it in green and full of flowers is an amazing experience. Only a few tourists find their way to Ios at this time of year. More people should discover how beautiful the island is during this time of the year. Most hotels in Ios are closed this early in the season but you can find a few brave ones that are open. So you will not have any problems finding a room. But book in advance since most are closed.

Have the beaches all to yourself

If you come to Ios Greece now, then you will have a peaceful holiday. It can be around 20°C if the weather is good and you will have the beaches all to yourself if you choose to visit them. Seeing Mylopotas Beach totally deserted is a strange experience if you are only used to the crowded summer version with lots of sun beds everywhere. Now there is not a person or sun bed in sight. Enjoy this beautiful Greek beach as it was meant to be enjoyed. Without all tourist facilities that normally occupy it during the hectic summer months.

Celebrate the Greek Easter in Ios

The Greek Easter will not always be celebrated on the same date as in other countries. Below is some dates for Easter Sunday in Greece during the coming years

  • April 16, 2023

  • May 5, 2024

  • April 20, 2025

  • April 12, 2026

Easter is a great time to visit Ios Greece and take part in the local festivities.

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