Ios Grecia

Ios Grecia, as the island is called by its Italian visitors, is very popular among these tourists. Italians come here during late July and beginning of August to party and have fun! This is also the right time to visit the isola, island in italian, if you want to take part in the biggest partys on Ios.

Ios GreciaYou will find many bars and clubs here where you can dance all night long if you like. The clubs do not close until long after the sun has come up in the morning. You can also join the beach party at Far Out Beach Club if you like to party in the afternoon as well as in the night. It is located on the most visited beach on the island,  Mylopotas Beach. But you can also find plenty of other beaches on Ios Greece. Some are small and secluded while others are larger and more frequently visited by tourists on the island. Rent a vespa and visit some of them. Maybe you will even find one that you can have all to yourself. It is not impossible on this wonderful island in the sun.

You do not have to feel lost on Ios in August if you are from Italy. You will find plenty of other Italians on the island then. But you will also meet people from all around the world so come wearing a smile, have fun and take the chance to get to know lots of new people while you are here. You will leave Ios with lots of happy memories and chances are good that you will come back again the year after. Many tourists has fallen in love with Ios Grecia and keep coming back year after year.

Do I need to Book a Room on Ios Grecia in Advance?

Well this depends on when you plan to visit the island. If you come here during the high season in the end of July and beginning of August then I would recommend that you book a room in advance as it can be a little harder to find a room on arrival, but not impossible. During the rest of the year you do not have to book in advance and you can always find a room without any problems. Welcome to Ios Greece!